Blyth Bridges Marine Consultants Limited

Propulsion Transmission System Analyses

We can carry out the following transmission system analyses:

Shaft Strength and Fatigue Analyses
In order to minimise weight, the shafting should be as light as possible.  We can carry out shaft strength and fatigue analyses to ensure that the shafting is working within acceptable stress levels.

Transmission system vibration analyses
There are three types of vibration experienced by a transmission system, torsional, axial and lateral (transverse/whirl).  We can carry out vibration analyses for all these types of vibration.  The analysis can include just determining the critical speeds or can look at a forced vibration analysis to determine the vibratory forces and deflections.

Shaft Alignment Calculations
Alignment of gearbox to shaftline is very important in order to balance the gearbox bearing loads and reduce vibration.  If the gearbox bearing loads are not balanced this can lead to premature wear and possible failure of gearbox bearings. Ship movement and thermal movements have to be taken into account. We can carry out the alignment calculations to ensure that the gearbox/engine to shaftline connection is optimum for your particular application.