Blyth Bridges Marine Consultants Limited

A selection of some current and completed projects

Island of Sark. Technical advisers and owners representatinve  for the procurement of a 36m dual role, passenger ferry and cargo carrier to be operated by Sark Shipping Company from Guernsey to the Island of Sark in the Channel Islands.  .

Osprey Ltd, UK. Engineering design of propulsion and auxiliary systems for a 250MW gas turbine/water jet propelled freighter to carry 10,000 tonnes freight trans-Atlantic at approximately 38 knots.

HM Customs & Excise, Marine Branch, UK.Technical advisers for the procurement of 34m, 26m 16m and 13m customs patrol craft. Study for the refit and procurement strategy of future cutters.

Dept for Regional Development for Northern Ireland (Roads Service) ,Technical advisers for the procurement of a new passenger and vehicle ferry.

Milford Haven Port Authority, UK. Review of the pilot cutter "Robert Hastie"

Swath International Ltd, UK. Comprehensive design services for a series of small waterplane twin hull passenger and special purpose craft from 20m to 90m length.

Halmatic Limited, UK.  Design of recovered oil tank heating system for the Halmatic MRV20 Multi Role Vessel, Haven Hornbill,  built for the Harwich Haven Authority.

Societa Esercizio Cantieri, Italy. Model testing and design of 1,000 tonne and 2,000 tonne gas turbine SES 50 knot plus ro-ro ferries.

Griffon Hovercraft Ltd, UK. Intact and damaged stability calculations for the entire range of hovercraft.

ABS Hovercraft Ltd, UK. Engineering design and stability calculations for amphibious hovercraft.

Cantieri Navale Vittoria, Italy.  Concept design for 1000 tonne displacement fast SES passenger/vehicle ferry.

Environment Agency, Sunbury, UK.  Stability, structural calculations and surveys for a range of tugs, workboats, lifting and salvage barges.

Maritime and Coastguard Agency, UK.  Consultant on high-speed craft safety. Chair of SLF Working and Correspondence Groups for revision of 2000 HSC Code.  Drafting guidance for surveyors for 2000 HSC Code.

Maritime and Coastguard Agency, UK.  Consultant on small craft safety developing Stability Guidance Booklets for small commercial vessels.

Civil Aviation Authority, UK. Development of stability criteria for surface-effect ships (SES).

Department of Trade and Industry / British Standards Institution, UK. Development of an ISO standard for the stability and buoyancy of small craft up to 24m length.

Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive), UK.Development of stability and buoyancy criteria for surface craft of unconventional design.

Vosper Thornycroft (UK) Ltd. Engineering design of propulsion and auxiliary systems for a series of corvettes and patrol craft.